CONJUNCTION by Joshua Quinn -- the REAL self-linking business card

Conjunction is a remarkable effect with a very simple description. You take one of your business cards, give it a series of folds and tears, and in the process transform it into an impossible object: two unbroken cardboard rings that end up linked through one another.

So, you may ask, what sets Conjunction apart from the multitude of other effects that have bits of card linking together? Simple: You do it for real. The rings are given away in their genuinely linked state, from which they can't be unlinked without ripping them. They can be examined indefinitely with no danger of anyone finding any seams, joins or tears, because there aren't any. Furthermore, no glue, tape, or adhesive of any kind is used. Only one card is involved, with no gaffs, gimmicks or extra pieces, and nothing to ring in, ditch or switch. And naturally, if you've set it up correctly, the rings will still have your name and contact information on them, intact, at the end.

Even among those who know a thing or two about linking card effects, common sense dictates that what I've just described -- taking nothing but a single, ungimmicked card and genuinely turning it into two solid linked rings -- is utterly impossible. In fact I've received a number of incredulous emails insisting that there must be something left out of my description, because under the conditions I've listed, it simply can't be done. All I can say is, the more impossible it seems to you, the more you will love Conjunction.

In fact, see for yourself:

"The effect is as astonishing as anything in the close-up repertoire. The method is, if anything, even more astonishing still. Conjunction represents a significant leap forward in the art and science of 'impossible' linkage."
-- Ian Rowland

"I truly love your linking card creation. I've been chasing this effect for years and you've done something with it that I thought was impossible."
-- Paul Harris

"This really is beyond brilliant! The excitement I felt after I made my first one was something rare. I am truly impressed with Mr. Quinn's ability to think outside the box; he really has brought something special to the table with this one."
-- Sean Fields

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I am unable to process direct orders for Conjunction at this time. However, it is available from magic shops the world over, for around $25.00.


Copyright © 2006 by Joshua Quinn